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ISC’6, Budapest, 7-11 settembre 2020 – Call for abstracts

La sesta conferenza internazionale su Geotechnical and Geophysical Site CharacterizationISC’6, organizzata dal TC102 (Technical Committee for Ground Property Characterization from In-Situ Tests) della ISSMGE, si terrà a Budapest dal 7 all’11 settembre 2020. È aperta la call for abstracts, con scadenza il 1o marzo 2019.

The ISC conferences are the major events in the life of ISSMGE’s TC102. Since 1998, it will be the 6th time that geotechnical engineers and geophysicists from all over the world will gather and share their knowledge and experiences.
Besides the conventional site characterization topics, the conference will also focus on some other recent challenges. As numerical modelling plays a more important role in  geotechnical practice, there is an increasing demand for links between in situ test results and material model parameters. Some recent research projects in this field (e.g. sophisticated numerical analysis of in situ tests) are very promising, thus a proper forum for discussing those results may be an important starting point  in these areas. A special session will be dedicated to this topic which aims to facilitate cooperation between specialists in both fields. Another important aim is to facilitate more active cooperation between geotechnical engineers and geophysicists. While the combined use of the two disciplines can be very beneficial,  the use of geophysics in  everyday geotechnical works is still limited. In addition to having a session for geophysical testing, we are planning another special session dedicated to potential benefits of  cooperation between these two fields, where best practices are presented and discussed. Such a forum may be beneficial for both geophysicists and geotechnical engineers.

Main themes:
Equipment, Measuring Techniques, Sampling

Mechanical Testing (CPT, SPT, DMT, PMT, VST, PLT)
Geophysics in Geotechnical Engineering
Site Characterization, Case Studies, Uncertainties
In Situ Testing and Numerical Modelling
Engineering Applications
Problematic Soils (e.g. gravels, volcanics, expansive, sensitive, intermediate, mine tailings)

Authors may also apply for the Silvano Marchetti Award
The ISSMGE Technical Committee TC102 – Ground Property Characterization from In-Situ Tests in cooperation with the University of L’Aquila, Italy has instituted the Silvano Marchetti Award (SMA) in memory of Professor Silvano Marchetti (1943-2016). The award is funded entirely by Studio Prof. Marchetti, Italy.

Per ulteriori informazioni:
Locandina – call for abstracts
contact: info@isc6.org



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