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International Webinar on Rock Mechanics – March-April 2021

Some Young Members of different ISRM National Groups (France, Italy, Paraguay, and Spain) are organizing a series of international webinars on rock mechanics, with the aim of involving young researchers in different educational activities. They are contacting other ISRM National Groups to involve more countries in this initiative.

A tentative program has been created, and some online lectures have already been scheduled for the upcoming months. The flyer of the first programmed webinar, which is organized by the Young Members’ Group (Groupe de travail CFMR-Jeunes) of the ISRM French National Group is attached here.

The first session will take place on 11 March and you can register for free. It will include two contributions:
– Thermo-hydro-mechanical behavior of clay-rock in deep radioactive waste repositories
Philipp Braun (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech)
– Site investigation and design of protective structures in an unstable area in the city of Majukavo-Mayotte-France
Mohammed Annakib (Université de Rennes)

Upcoming dates:
01 April 2021
Relating physical and mechanical properties to temperature induced damage in carbonate rocks
Federico Vagnon (Università di Torino)
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22 April 2021
The influence of sample geometry and testing conditions on mode I fracture toughness of rock
Andrea Muñoz-Ibáñez (Universidade da Coruña)



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