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POST DOC POSITIONS – Multiscale geomechanics, Experimental Geomechanics

  • Postdoctoral position on Multiscale geomechanics at INRAE, Aix-en-Provence, France.
    The research unit RECOVER from INRAE is pleased to invite applications for a postdoc position (18 months) on the application of complex network tools to granular materials to identify enriched mesostructures responsible for the stabilizing effect induced by grain polydispersity. Prospective applicants may contact Dr Antoine Wautier for further details (antoine.wautier@inrae.fr). More details on the projects and instructions for applicants can be found here.


  • Postdoctoral researcher opening in Experimental Geomechanics with application to mineral carbon storage.
    A postdoctoral position in experimental geomechanics in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geo-Engineering, University of Minnesota is available immediately. Successful candidates should have a PhD in Civil Engineering, Earth Sciences, or a related field. An expertise in geomechanics, and more specifically experimental geomechanics, is mandatory. Applicants should submit a statement of interest, career goals, 2-page CV, and the names and contact information of three references. Inquiries and applications should be sent by email to Bojan Guzina (guzin001@umn.edu), Joseph Labuz (jlabuz@umn.edu), and Peter Kang (pkkang@umn.edu).



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