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Numero speciale di ‘Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment’ su ‘Innovative Numerical Methods for Soil Internal Erosion Processes’

La rivista Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment propone un numero speciale sul tema Innovative Numerical Methods for Soil Internal Erosion Processes, curato dai proff. Donatella Sterpi del Politecnico di Milano e Carlo Callari dell’Università del Molise.

– Submission opening on June 1, 2021
– Submission closing on September 30, 2021

Ulteriori informazioni all’indirizzo:

Workshop “Innovative numerical methods for internal erosion processes” – 17 dicembre 2020


Vi segnaliamo il workshop “Innovative numerical methods for internal erosion processes“, organizzato in modalità on-line per il 17 dicembre 2020 da Donatella Sterpi (Politecnico di Milano) e Carlo Callari (Università del Molise) nell’ambito delle attività dello European Working Group on Internal Erosion.

LocandinaEWGIE 2020 – innov-num-meth – flyer

26th Annual Meeting of the European Working Group on Internal Erosion (EWG-IE), Politecnico di Milano, 10-13 September 2018

The European Working Group on Internal Erosion (EWG-IE) was set up in 1993 to focus on the vulnerability of dams to internal erosion. After an inaugural workshop on definitions and needs, the Group has regularly organized Annual Meetings to share knowledge and address emerging issues on soil internal erosion in water retaining structures. Over the years, the Meetings have seen the participation of university researchers, scientists and engineers from agencies, industries, and public bodies, from Europe and overseas.
Following the last successful event in Delft in September 2017, the objective of the meeting in Milano is to serve as a fertile discussion platform, strengthening sound knowledge as well as introducing novel ideas, in the thematic areas in line with the traditional aims of EWG-IE.
More than 100 authors, coming from academic institutions, private and public bodies, in European and overseas countries, will contribute to the peer-reviewed papers and presentations.
These will be grouped into four sections, namely
• laboratory techniques and findings;
• from modeling to design criteria;
• prevention measures and field assessment;
• open issues for discussion and contribution.
Researchers, scientists and engineers are invited to participate.

Programme: EWGIE-Final_programme 2

Website: https://www.eko.polimi.it/index.php/EWGIE2018/2018


Il GNIG (Gruppo Nazionale di Ingegneria Geotecnica) si propone di promuovere il coordinamento delle attività di ricerca e di formazione nel Settore Scientifico Disciplinare ICAR07 – 08/B1 ‘Geotecnica’, di curare le relazioni con gli altri Settori Scientifico Disciplinari, con gli Organi di Governo dell’Università e con le Associazioni Scientifiche e Culturali del Settore.

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