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POST DOC POSITIONS: Rock mechanics, Geostructures, Offshore Wind Turbine


Postdoc position in Rock mechanics and geomechanics at the University of Glasgow.  Application deadline: 28 September 2022. Expected start date: 1 Feb 2023. More info on this web-page.

Postdoc in Multiphysics modelling of geostructures in FEniCSx at Chalmers University of Technology. More info and how to apply on this web-page.

5 Postdoc positions opening on Geomechanics for Offshore Wind Turbine (project SAGE-SAND). The post-doc positions will be supervised by Hadrien Rattez at UCLouvain, Stijn François and Georgios Anogiatis at KULeuven, Frédéric Collin at ULiège. The successful applicants are due to start between November 1st, 2022 and January 1st, 2023. More infor on this flyer. Descriptions of the positions:

  • PDR1: Large scale pile tests and modelling via an engineering-oriented approach
  • PDR2: Advanced numerical modeling of pile installation and extraction using Material Point Method in dynamic regime
  • PDR3: Vibro-drivability for the installation and extraction of piles in offshore conditions
  • PDR4: Phase field modeling framework for degradation at microscale and numerical upscaling by FEMxFEM approach
  • PDR5: Impact of aging effects on the pile response investigated by FEMxFEM and FEMxDEM approaches


Il GNIG (Gruppo Nazionale di Ingegneria Geotecnica) si propone di promuovere il coordinamento delle attività di ricerca e di formazione nel Settore Scientifico Disciplinare ICAR07 – 08/B1 ‘Geotecnica’, di curare le relazioni con gli altri Settori Scientifico Disciplinari, con gli Organi di Governo dell’Università e con le Associazioni Scientifiche e Culturali del Settore.

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