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GEOTECHNICAL EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING – A Berkeley Virtual Short Course Series, February – April 2024

UC Berkeley Faculty (Bray, Zekkos, Athanasopoulos-Zekkos, Abrahamson, Sitar, Kayen) have put together an online modular short course Series on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. The course focuses on key concepts and recent advances in geotechnical earthquake engineering and is offered in three modules in February, March and April.

  • In the first short course module, engineering seismicity is reviewed with a focus on characterizing and selecting design ground motions and seismic site response analyses.
  • In the second short course module, soil liquefaction is explored: field and laboratory observations of the cyclic response of soils are discussed; simplified liquefaction triggering procedures are presented; focus is placed on the effects of liquefaction through evaluation of the residual shear strength of liquefied material and liquefaction-induced ground displacements and their effects on structures; mitigation techniques are presented.
  • In the third short course module, seismic considerations related to seismic slope stability, dams, levees, embankments and retaining systems are presented.

Question and answer sessions provide opportunities to discuss selected concepts in greater detail. Each attendee will be given course notes that support the lectures. More information and registration for this course can be found here as well as in this leaflet.


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