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MULTISCALE NUMERICAL MODELLING OF GEOMATERIALS – a short course in Grenoble (August 29 and 30, 2022)

The response of geomaterials at the engineering scale depends on their microstructure and the mechanisms occurring at small scale. Starting from imaging geomaterials under selected loading conditions, it is possible to study and then model the mechanisms occurring at the small scale. The results of this process can be used to inform macro scale models in a physics-based manner. 

This short course is meant to introduce such innovative techniques:

  • the first half-day session will take place at the Synchrotron in Grenoble. There will be the opportunity to visit this unique and innovative imaging facility and to learn the basic concepts of full-field measurement.
  • the second half-day session will take place at Laboratoire 3SR on the Grenoble university campus. Lectures will introduce multiscale modelling and discuss different methods as DEM, FEMxFEM, FEMxDEM. Selected engineering and material science applications will be presented. After lunch, a bus will be organized for all participants to move to Torino for the official beginning of the IACMAG conference.

Course program on this flyer

For info and pre-registration please contact: iacmag2022@symposium.it

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