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AGERP’22 Lecture series – International workshop on biogeotechnics

AGERPAdvancements in Geotechnical Engineering: from Research to PracticeBelow the list of all the recorded lectures from the International workshop on Biogeotechnics with respective links to access them. 

Lecture 1:  Bioinspired deep foundations, soil anchors, and site characterization probesDr. Alejandro Martinez: https://youtu.be/nsG0cKN3TsMLecture 2: Stabilisation of Iron Mine Waste: A Role for Biogeotechnics     Professor Gordon Southam: https://youtu.be/n10egogRDfALecture 3: Sustainable geotechnical engineering with biopolymer-based soil treatment (BPST): From research to practiceA/Prof. Ilhan Chang: https://youtu.be/v3yAlXSM3pwLecture 5: Root bio-hydro-mechanical reinforcement of unsaturated soils: experiments and modellingA/Prof. Anthony Leung: https://youtu.be/svecOTPhMi0Lecture 6: Bioinspired analysis in Geotechnical Engineering    Prof. Sarat Kumar Das: https://youtu.be/zPbgX3Tgu38Lecture 7: Phytoremediation: A sustainable technique to ameliorate polluted soilsA/Prof. Oznur Karaca: https://youtu.be/Nn1sdC4w7HgLecture 8: Field trials on bio-based ground improvement     A/Prof. Leon van Paassen: https://youtu.be/IRyeg9PloBM


Il GNIG (Gruppo Nazionale di Ingegneria Geotecnica) si propone di promuovere il coordinamento delle attività di ricerca e di formazione nel Settore Scientifico Disciplinare ICAR07 – 08/B1 ‘Geotecnica’, di curare le relazioni con gli altri Settori Scientifico Disciplinari, con gli Organi di Governo dell’Università e con le Associazioni Scientifiche e Culturali del Settore.

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